Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Pet Peeves

Sarahlynn recently posted an amusing list of her pet peeves. Not having anything else to write about today, I thought I'd "borrow" her topic and share a few of mine :)

  1. People who drive 5 miles under the speedlimit so they won't pass a cop who's driving slow (and probably laughing the whole way)
  2. People in SUV's who think they know how to drive in snow, just because they're in a SUV. Ever count the number of big cars vs little ones on the sides of the road in a snow/ice storm?
  3. Receiving the same email forwards over-and-over-and-over again. No, if you add a bunch of new pictures or (worse) music it does NOT make it OK (especially if you attach 5MB of them.)
  4. The way my daughter says "No" to everything lately, even things she really wants. She's entering the terrible two's at 20 months.
  5. The lady who cleans our house does not wrap the vacuum cleaner cord back up neatly--she just loops it around loosely on the handle. Come on, it doesn't take that long to put it back on right!
  6. When I'm doing housework and my husband is playing a computer game. I don't mind if he plays, but I always learned that you have to get your work done first. And, darn it, if I've got housework to do, then he does too!

I think I'll stop there....if not, I could be here for hours!


Sarahlynn said...

Oooh, you reminded me of another one!

People who send out forwarded email alerts (e.g. microwaving tupperware causes cancer!) without checking (or similar) first.

If you have the time to hit, "Forward," "Send," you have time to check the credibility of what you're forwarding along.

Amanda said...

The cord of a vaccuum cleaner (at least the old ones) would become brittle if wrapped the same way each time. At least that's what Mom always said. :)