Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Cards

How I determine my Christmas Card list:

1) Sort through all of last years' Christmas card envelopes whose return addresses are legible.
2) Hmmm...there are duplicates. Maybe I have a couple of years worth of envelopes in this box.
3) Remove the addresses that didn't have a name. I could send them a card, but I wouldn't know how to address them...
4) Pull out old file box of addresses from wedding invitations. There might be a dozen or so that haven't moved in the past 8 years.
5) Open up three different email accounts, looking for saved messages containing change-of-address notes. Also try Evite.
6) In desperation, try online phonebooks.
7) Plan to hand-deliver a few
8) Ok, so I *know* I've been to some of these people's homes. Oh well. I don't think I have any friends who would feel offended for not receiving a card. Especially the ones who haven't sent us one in the past (or else I would have found their address in step 1).

Also, for anyone who receives a card from us and is wondering about stamp and return-address placement: Charlotte helped.

I did type all of the addresses into a spreadsheet this year. After hand-addressing envelopes. I think I should print it out and stick it into my box, or else I'll lose the file by next year...

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