Sunday, December 28, 2008

Wii've been good

Merry Christmas! So what I'm a little late. Hold on, the 12 days of Christmas start on Christmas day, so I'm perfectly on time. It's Four Calling Birds Day, didntchaknow :)

This year is proof that even without leaving the metro area, Christmas can be exhaustingly busy. I'm off for two solid weeks, and in week one, I've snagged about two hours of sitting time. Cumulative. The rest has been running from store to post office to store, cleaning, cooking, and driving around. And it's not quite done yet.

Tomorrow is Monday, and daycare is open (and we're paying whether the kids show or not). So, tomorrow is messy-and-dangerous-jobs-around-the-house day. I'm painting a bathroom (after yet another run to the post office). Hubby will be having fun with the miter saw and some baseboard moulding that has been hanging out in our bedroom since last summer when we replaced our bathroom floor. Sounds relaxing, no?

Yes, all that sarcasm is (not) concealing a bit (lot) of envy for people who have nothing to do over Christmas break. I've seen two or three blog posts already about folks who are bored. I'll trade you! Really! Just one day? Please?

In case you didn't guess, our big family present was a Wii. No, not the fit. I haven't had enough energy to wait in line at the crack of dawn somewhere to buy the one and only set that each store sells per week. Maybe by my birthday we'll be able to actually order the dumb things. Anywho.

We have an older Xbox, but decided against the 360 because we just weren't thrilled with the selection of games. Charlotte is 4, and terribly interested in all things computerish and gamish, and buying a system that seems to specialize in violence and black just seemed silly. She's too old for us to keep away from a gaming system, and we're too exhausted after the hour-and-a-half struggle to put her to bed every night to wait until sleepytime to play. The Wii seems to have a lot of happy, child-friendly games, and is active enough that we won't feel horribly guilty for allowing her to play. She's already a pro at baseball, bowling, and is working on a Barbie game.

I like the tennis. And I actually beat my husband at boxing. Multiple times. Seriously, this is a major accomplishment, given that the guy has a supernatural ability to see a computer game once and intuitively guess all of the massively complex maneuver combinations within 5 minutes. Up-Down-Back-Left-OtherLeft-Right-axyz. Now why didn't I try that first? Oh yeah, because I'm still trying to figure out which guy on the screen I'm moving!!!

Our biggest problem is that our package came with 3 controllers. And Trystan wants to play too. And no, he will NOT accept a battery-less tv controller as a substitute. He's short, not stupid :)

Anyway, this is long and rambly, and going nowhere. And I think it's been a while since I posted something like this. Fun :)

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