Sunday, December 14, 2008

I'm dreaming of a green Christmas...

People of St. Louis: You may all rest easy this winter. I have just guaranteed that there will be no snow this year. And possibly next year too.

In fact, I've triply guaranteed it. Both children now own snow pants and boots in sizes that might last even through next winter. And I actually own, for the first time since childhood, a pair of snow boots in my own size bought from the women's section of a shoe store (website).

For years, if I needed to tromp through snow, or (heaven forbid), shovel the driveway, I'd borrowed my husband's boots. They looked silly. They felt silly. Luckly (for shoe-borrowing) he doesn't have large feet--about a 8.5 men's. Which is about 2 sizes bigger than my own 8-8.5 women's. There aren't enough socks in the house to fix that discrepancy properly.

About two years ago, I picked up a pair on a clearance rack that was marked "women's boots", in a size 8. I didn't try them on for some reason. Oops. I'm pretty sure they're a men's size 8, because even with multiple pairs of thick socks, my feet still slosh around in them.

This year, after trudging after the kids through an early snowfall (where Charlotte wore boots that were too small, and Trystan wore tennis shoes with extra socks), and with both children in jeans, I decided enough was enough. Even if St. Louis doesn't get as much snow as Indy did, we still get a couple of good snowfalls a year, and the kids like to play. And my husband is not always home to shovel the driveway.

In case you're wondering, Target had snowpants pretty cheap a couple of weeks ago. Their boots weren't super cheap, but either they'll last an extra year, or we'll be able to pass them along to other kiddos. For me, I found some on Land's End's website. Not that cheap, but my feet don't grow. And I was positive that they were the right size this time!

Now, we sit back and wait to see whether I wasted my money :)

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