Monday, December 01, 2008

Every parent has a poop story. Blowouts, bathtubs, dinner table announcements from the potty training set....

My mom will tell you about me, a restaurant high chair, and a very kind waitress with a stomach of iron.

With Charlotte, we have a few fond memories. Like the carpet that I had to scrub when she was just a few days old, and when the stomach flu masquaraded as a UTI.

For Trystan...well, Trystan's first 9 months of life is one big poop story (or lack thereof). Imperforate Anus, colostomy, you look it up.

This weekend, exactly one year after his colostomy closure (and subsequent introduction to pooping in a diaper), we have added a new poop story to the menu. This one involves my mother-in-law's brand-new house (the laundry/powder room), a bent-over bare-bottomed baby, and an ill-timed cough. There was mopping. Clothes were changed. Four adults were involved in the cleanup, with a 4-year old serving as the sports commentator. Luckily, we will not be required to paint the walls. I do hope that they sealed the grout on the tile floors (if not, they might be considering it now...)

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