Monday, June 16, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

I need a weekend. I know we just had one. Someone really should adjust the calendar to double up on those occaisionally.

Starting a little over a week ago, we've been busy non-stop. Saturday was a wedding. Sunday was church followed by a birthday lunch for my brother-in-law. Eating in restaruants was relaxing before kids. Monday after work we attended a birthday pool party, in the drizzle. Despite chilly temperatures, Char was hard to extract from the pool, except for the piƱata. Trystan loved that thing too, and wanted nothing more than to stand independently in a group of 3-7 year olds and take his turn swinging the bat. Tuesday my husband had wallyball. Wednesday he had a night of gaming with friends.

Thursday I was "off", which meant making breakfast, taking the kids to the park (Char's little bike is still in my trunk), then to the library for story time, then home just in time for our Parents as Teachers lady to come see the kids, then lunch. I think they both napped for a while after that, and I mopped the floor and did a thousand other things instead of relaxing. My husband came home around 4:30, and I grabbed my laptop and ballet shoes and ran for the Starbucks. After an hour of writing time, I went to the Y for my "ballet sculpt" exercise class, then home for dinner and bedtime.

Friday I worked. Our daycare had a Father's Day "root beer social" so my husband went to that and stuffed himself and the kids full of hotdogs and chips. Unaware, I went to the grocery store after work and picked up dinner fixings, which I didn't make that night. After Trystan was asleep, I went to Borders (yes, the one with the flowery tote bags) with a couple of friends for a little more writing time. I didn't manage to buy any books (unusual for me).

Saturday morning we blessedly had nothing planned (swim lessons are now handled through daycare). I spent a couple of hours in the garden removing a veritable rain forest of weeds from beneath my rose bushes (I overflowed the compost bin, so we actually have a whole big bag of lawn waste to set out this week). Then my husband and I traded places, and I made the kids lunch and did some laundry while he mowed the lawn. Saturday afternoon we spent at my sister-in-law's house, celebrating my niece and nephew's first birthday (Happy Birthday You Two!). Baby pool, sprinkler, sand box (Trystan only ate a few handfuls before we stopped him), hamburgers, cake & ice cream, crash time.

Sunday, the schedule was up to my husband. Trystan arose bright and early, and I whisked him downstairs quicker than I normally do. Char slept till almost 9 (she had no nap the day before), so her daddy got to sleep in a bit. We got ready for church, and, surprisingly, arrived a few minutes early. After church, we had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen (Trystan slept the whole time on my husband's shoulder), then saw Kung Fu Panda in the theater. Back home, Char napped, Trystan played, I made the dinner I'd bought on Friday (Grilled Teriyake Steak Kebabs....yes, women can grill, even on Father's Day). Char got a little play time with her friend Gavin before bed.

Tonight: we have no plans. Maybe we'll get a step closer to finishing the trimwork project we started on Memorial Day weekend. Maybe I will get some laundry done. Maybe I"ll just sleep. Wait, Charlotte's bedtime is almost as late as mine these days. I need a weekend.

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