Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Deep thoughts

I need to watch the news more. Strike that. I need to watch the news. Period. Since Charlotte was old enough to begin requesting tv, we've limitied how much tv is on in the house while she's awake. Since her bedtime and mine are distressingly close together, that means I see no tv. I hear news blips in the car during my morning commute, but they tend to be fast, sparse, and overpowered by traffic noise (I prefer leaving the air conditioning off and the windows down).

Did you know that there is some major flooding happening around St. Louis? I heard a tidbit about the Iowa floods over the weekend, and I suppose I knew it would affect us here. But days get away from me. So, for the record, the Mississippi is flooding. There is water partway up the stairs to the arch. Levees are breaking all over the place. Panic ensues. (not really, but if you feel like panicking, call me. I'll bring a camera).

Did I mention that we live at the top of a hill in a part of town that's on high ground? And I don't cross any rivers during my normal weekly routine? Shallow excuses, I know. (oh how punny I am today).

My husband forwarded the following blog that has some nice photos of downtown (including the high water, and flood wall construction). I think I'm adding it to my blogroll, as it might remind me that there's a world outside my own little corner.

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