Monday, June 09, 2008

Eating Lunch Out

I did get drugs. Amoxycillin, actually. Unfortunately, they don't give the bubblegum flavored kind to adults. I have pills.

My appointment on Friday wasn't until late afternoon, and I left work around 10. Sudofed makes me loopy, and pressure imbalances just make me irritable, so I planned to just go home and sit on the couch until time for the dr appointment. About 20 minutes into The Santa Claus 3 (there wasn't much on), I had a revelation. If I was going to sit around and watch movies all afternoon, I may as well do it in a movie theater. After all, there wasn't any food in the house for lunch so I was planning to go out and buy something. Why not popcorn?

I convalesced to Indiana Jones, with a large popcorn and a fruit punch (fiber + vitamin C...that's healthy, right?). Because the movie started before noon, the ticket was only $4, and as a bonus I had a Moviewatcher coupon good for a free popcorn & drink. In total it cost me way less than the sandwich I'd been planning to buy from our nasty building cafeteria. There were maybe 4 other people in the whole theater, so I snagged a seat square in the middle (no kids = no aisle necessary), where I could prop my feet up on the chair in front of me. The sound was more than loud enough for me to hear with my good ear.

By Saturday, my ear wasn't quite as painful, though it was ringing on and off all weekend (I'd blame that on the movie, except that it's only the one ear). It still feels funny, but no more fireballs.

Some days I wish I weren't so squemish about playing hookie. I was truly sick on Friday, but if I didn't always feel so darned guilty, then I might get to see a lot more movies.

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