Monday, March 09, 2009

13 down, 33 to go

Life without chocolate is a whole lot sleepier. I forget just how much caffeine my daily doses of the dark stuff probably provide. A drop in the bucket for caffeine and soda addicts, but I drink the liquid brain booster only two or three times a week. Chocolate is a daily ritual.

And its gone, baby, gone, till Easter. My husband tried to tell me that I failed by eating a cookie with white chocolate chips. Yeah, it says chocolate in the name, but those things are more like vanilla flavored butter than chocolate to me. Cocoa butter actually. Good, but not quite the same.

I'm totally dragging without my daily fix. I thought I might be better about not snacking so much during the day if I don't have a steady source of individually wrapped chocolates to fuel me. In desperation, I'm turning to other sources of fuel--jelly beans, lemon bars, peanut butter chips (yes, I've raided the baking supplies once or twice). And they're totally not working for me.

Maybe I should try chewing gum. It helps smokers, why not cocoa-ers? (ok, really bad pun, one you might have to read out loud to even get. No, I don't expect you to laugh).

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flatflo said...

My Lutheran mother has been giving up meat for Lent the past few years. The exception is she allows herself on Sunday. After all, Lent is "40 days and 40 nights" but if you count, it does not include Sundays! That way she feels the deprivation, but appreciates Sunday all the more!