Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Thing: We've got the Blues

Sunday, we took the kids to their first Blues game. We had a blast! We all dressed in our various paraphernalia: Charlotte in her pink Blues Jersey, Trystan in his Blues top-and-bottom set, me in my sweatshirt, and my husband in his jersey and hat. Hubby and I have Blues coats too, but it was 65 degrees that afternoon, the sunniest, warmest hockey game I've ever attended. I'm sure we were sickeningly well coordinated as it was :)

The Blues hosted the Minnesota Wild, and we won 5-3. It was also "fan appreciation" night, which meant that we got free food. Each of us got a bottle of soda or water, either hot dog or chicken strips, and popcorn. It wasn't the best food in the world, but it was kid-friendly. And free :)

Our seats were up in the upper tier, but close to the center line. Unfortunately we were also fairly close to the bullhorn that they blow after goals. That was loud, and Trystan was NOT a fan. We had bought 4 tickets so that we weren't crunched for space, even though Trystan's still (barely) young enough to share a seat. And, we were on the aisle, which came in handy for the 6 separate bathroom trips that the kids requested (4 for Trystan, 2 for Charlotte--and yes, Trystan actually went in the potty on all 4 of those trips).

I know Charlotte watched the game, but she was most impressed with the jr hockey players that played during one of the period breaks. She kept asking when they were going to play again :) On the way home, she was still chanting "Lets Go Blues".

And, because the Blues scored 5 goals, we got coupons for free Blizzards from Dairy Queen, which we're planning to use on Wednesday night to celebrate my birthday. There will be plenty of cake this weekend for Trystan's birthday.

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