Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Is it a little chilly in here?

I am getting very very tired of the cold. I don't think I've been warm since last September. Or maybe earlier than that. Maybe 2006. You know, before I became the oven to a couple of buns. Don't rush to any conclusions. I'm not yearning for another pregnancy. Just a little warmth.

I think I'm getting old. Or my metabolism is slowing down. Because in my wild youth I don't remember constantly reaching for a sweater. Or a fuzzy purple bathrobe. And thick socks. And slippers. The Cookie Monster ones. And maybe a blanket.

The problem could be the long winter, that I swear started last August. For thriftiness, our programmable thermostat is set for 65 overnight, 67 during the day. I keep finding myself upping it to 68. There's a world of difference between 67 and 68, you know.

Or the problem could be work. I work in a dungeon. The elevator calls it "level 1". Or the basement. Whatever. It's cold down there, and there are no windows. I keep a sweater at my desk. And a blanket. And a large supply of hot tea (never underestimate the warming power of a hot coffee mug). I wear that sweater all year round. I get cold in my car too. Even with my winter coat and a scarf on, I keep the thermostat set at 67 (68 unzipped). And I love seat warmers!

I am ready, oh so ready, for some real heat. To sit outside while the sun broils me from above and the concrete-turned-pizza stone browns me from below. Not that I brown, and not that I spend much time without my SPF 9-Million on. But at least in the summer, I won't need a sweater.


Bethany said...

So, I'm really ready for sun too. But, I have to say I've always had the impression that you were cold blooded (in the circulatory sense anyway).

I remember during college you're husband used to complain that you would push him into the wall at night. You always said you were cold and trying to snuggle.

Of course I'm saying all this while laying under a blanket, heat turned up to 68 (yes 1 degree really does make a difference) and two cats sitting on my feet.

Kristi said...

Hmmm...I don't know. Maybe a couple of years of hormonal upheaval have fried my memory :) Entirely possible.

I do generally like sleeping in a chilly room with plenty of blankets...but lately he's kicking off the covers in the same bed where I'm adding socks and extra blankets. I never used to be able to sleep in socks, but lately my toes are so cold I have no choice. And we've been using the comforter that was originally banned from our bed by both of us because it was way too heavy--I pile blankets on top of that thing now and shiver myself to sleep.

It's probably spring fever more than anything. The weather taunts us with a day of 60degrees, then returns to the 20's for two weeks....

flatflo said...

I got out my heating pad months ago to deal with cramps while lounging on the sofa. While the cramping is long gone, it is getting almost daily use when I sit down to read a book or watch tv, just to warm my feet, or on my torso for a real quick warmup.

We use a heated mattress pad, which works great for taking the chill off the sheets, or crank it up if quick rise in temp is required. Dual controls are a must, tho!