Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday Cookbook Series -- The Joys of Jell-o

This week I have a treasure for you. Joys of Jell-o was published by General Foods a long time ago. Seriously, there's no date. I'm guessing mid-60's to 70's. My copy is in excellent shape, having come (potentially unused) from my husband's grandmother's kitchen.

The booklet has ninety-five pages of Jello recipes. The first section includes desserts, as in the photo at left. Note that the "cake" in that picture is really stacked layers of jello. At the end of the book are addresses to send away for some of the fancy jello moulds used throughout the book. Somehow I don' think those offers are still valid though.

I think the best part is the large and varied selection of non-dessert recipes. Shrimp, vegetables, chicken, tuna, etc., feature in many of these. In the last page that I scanned, the two towering jello salads are filled with veggies. One recipe that I didn't scan involved making barbeque sauce flavored jello cubes that you could add to salads or sandwiches.

Now, we make jello Easter eggs every year, but that's about as fancy as my gelatin creativity goes. I don't know about you, but I'm quite happy that the trend of putting everything and anything into a jello mold is long past. I can't imagine eating, let alone serving, tuna salad that involves a box of artifically green sweet gel....

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