Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I shouldn't be surprised that, with all we have going on, and with Charlotte's recent bout of strep, I am now sick.

This sucks. Or rather, I wish it didn't, because sucking (on a thoat lozenge) and swallowing hurts. Add a cold with draining sinuses, the kind that drip down your throat all night (yummy, huh), and I haven't slept much in 2 days.

In the mean time, we still have plenty to stress about. The new french door in the kitchen is mostly installed, minus the door casings which we can't put back on yet. The rotted-out hole in the floor has been repaired, and after last night's hard rain we don't see any new signs of water seepage. Hopefully that means that the old door was the only problem.

My husband was wanting to get started laying the new laminate floor on Friday, but after taking 1.5 sick days off this week, I won't be able to help. And it's going to be a fairly disruptive job--causing us to move many large pieces of furniture, and basically rendering our entire main floor unusable, as all the furniture will be crammed into the dining room (the one place where we're leaving the carpet for now). Hopefully the whole project won't take more than a day (though my money's on 3), or we're going to have a huge headache keeping the kiddos entertained, fed, and out of trouble. This is one reason I'm kind of relieved that we're not demolishing the whole kitchen now--I can't imagine policing a busy nearly-2 year old for months during construction.

We should hear from one of the two Kindergartens in another week or so. We're hoping they'll let Charlotte in--we really like them, and they really like us. Their only potential sticking point is the birthday cutoff. But, we've had a chance to talk face-to-face with the school's head, so she understands our own experiences and expectations. Its the best we can do.

And, at work we're being "strongly encouraged" to work overtime. Given that I work "undertime" normally, once again I don't really know what they expect of me. Between my sick days this week, and Presidents Day next week (when our daycare is closed), I'm not going to be clocking over 40 hour in a single week. Possibly not over my required 32.5. But I guess I just do my best when I'm there.

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Bethany said...

Hah, you too...hope you feel better. I feel up to living again anyway.