Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday Cookbook Series: Online Resources

The web is not a cookbook, but I consult it as often as some of my paper versions for recipes. There are probably hundreds of online recipe databases and food websites. I have a few that I look to most often. has a massive database of recipes, both from their shows and from other contributors. Its nice to be able to search for a specific episode of a show and pull up the recipes. Their recipes print out nicely for inclusion into the binder that I use for my own personal cookbook. A great resource for healthier meal options, including many of the same features the show in their magazine (which I highly recommend as well). A huge all-around useful recipe database. They also have a new feature that I’m tempted to try. You can build your own cookbook online, and have it printed in either paperback or hardcover. The prints are expensive-- $24.95 for paperback and $34.95 for hardbound—so this would not be a good choice for creating a cookbook for a fundraiser. But if you were only printing one or two—for a gift for a child heading to college, or a wedding, or just a nice copy of your favorite recipes for your own collection—it might be nice. I’d love to see a review from someone who has actually bought one.

I also have a handful of Food Blogs that I subscribe to. Baking Bites, Joy the Baker, and Baking and Books are some of my favorites for the inspiring recipes and lovely photos.


flatflo said...

I actually pay a subscription for and always feel I get my money's worth. I have stopped delivery of the magazine, as I can never remember which issue, so I end up looking it up online, anyway. The equipment reviews are very helpful, too!

Kristi said...

I've considered that website before. I just love reading the articles in the magazine, and its easier to find time to read the paper version than for me to get online for any length of time. I wish the online subscription wasn't as much, but I understand why they charge :)

I've also considered buying either their "index" books that index all the recipes, or just the bound book-form of the magazines so I don't have to keep track of them all. Maybe one of these days...