Thursday, February 05, 2009

Thursday Cookbook Series -- A Basic

I was tempted to call this week's cookbook "boring." Basic is probably a better word. I use my Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook weekly. I know off the top of my head that it's got the basic (non-buttermilk) pancake recipe that I prefer to make, and a white chocolate cake recipe that is divine for birthday cakes (better than a plain ol' white cake..the white chocolate makes it moist). The book has everything from soup to nuts (Why do we say "soup to nuts"? Wouldn't "apple to zuccini" or "appperitif to coffe" make more sense? Just my 2cents...)

Usually I end here with some witty comment. Sorry. All out.
The book is a binder, and though I'm starting to lose the outermost pages, its standing up to a lot of wear. Binders are nice because they lay flat on the counter while you're cooking. And, if you happen to subscribe to the Better Homes & Gardens magazine, their "prize-winning recipes" every month fit into the binder. (I do get their magazine, but don't save the recipes that often. Just pointing the feature out)

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