Sunday, February 15, 2009

View from the trenches

When you have small children, the smallest household projects turn into fleet-sized maneuvers, complete with battle plans, contingencies, and an exit strategy. Try anything medium-sized (say, DIY floor replacement in the 3 most heavily used rooms in the house), and we're talking Independence Day. It's a desperate, all out struggle where we're throwing everything we've got from hijacked flying saucers to crop dusters at the problem.

No, its not that bad. But like several "military actions" in living history, this particular non-war is up way past its bedtime. And yes, I'm totally mixing metaphors.

We began moving furniture and toys Thursday night after the kids went to bed. As of tonight, Sunday at about 3 when we broke for a belated birthday dinner for my hubby, there has been probably 25+ more hours of hard labor put in, maybe closer to 30. And we're not quite 1/2 way done with just the floor. Baseboards, shoe mouldings, and door casing for the new french door need to be done as well. And maybe put the furniture back, if we're lucky.

Tomorrow's a holiday. For the kids. Not for our jobs. I'm already slated to "stay home" with them. My husband is debating working (and letting his hands heal) versus trying to power through a bit more flooring. I think he's looking forward to seeing his desk again.

I wonder if watching children during a remodel is anything like the military babysitting press in the middle of a battle. But, I can't just hand Trystan a flack jacket and hope for the best. He's prone to picking up the biggest, sharpest tool around and swinging it. I know he'll damage the new floor at soem point, but I'd rather he wait until after we're done installing it first. Or he could hurt himself.

For me and the diminutive duo, I'm considering starting at the Y. They can play in the daycare there for up to 2 hours while I exercise, maybe shower, and possibly read a book without fear of someone grabbing a hammer and whacking anything. After that, maybe another field trip before having another "carpet picnic" (more like "subfloor picnic"--the kitchen table's inaccessible) lunch, and naps. Anything to get us out of the house, and them away from the construction. And me away from Dora the Explorer on the 30-year old TV in our basement playroom.

The new floor does look nice so far...

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Bethany said...

I hope your floor is coming along. I can't imagine trying to manage home improvement and children's activities at the same time. Hope it all turns out great!