Thursday, February 05, 2009

Zombie Paranoia

There was an article this week in msnbc about people hacking into those electronic traffic signs. Apparently, there are Zombies and Raptors on the loose in at least three states.

And, right here, right now, I'm stating for the record that:


Maybe I'm paranoid. But the article specifically mentions three places where the signs have been hacked. Collinsville, IL is about a 20 minute drive from where I live, just on the "metro-east" side of St. Louis. Carmel, in Hamilton County IN is about a 15 minute drive from where I grew up and is near where my mother and two of my four sisters still live. And one of my sisters lives in Austin, TX, the third location cited. I'm waiting for a report from Chicago--where my other sister lives. Surely there are mummies or zombies or something running amok in the Windy City, right?

What a strange coincidence. And, to the police of all of those locations (and the FBI, and whoever else investigates this kind of prank), I seriously, honestly, truly am not connected. And I sincerely doubt any of my family members are either. If you doubt me, just check my schedule for this week. There hasn't been enough time for keeping up with the dishes, let alone driving all over the country hacking traffic signs.

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flatflo said...

I saw an article regarding the first zombie incident and laughed out loud. Truly funny, and if somebody messes around with a message that will bring a smile to a poor commuter's face, why not?

btw...called the agents back and retracted my statement. You're in the clear!