Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday Cookbook Series -- The Best Recipe

It is entirely possible that I've mentioned Cook's Illustrated/America's Test Kitchen before. Now, I shall do so again.

I have an excellent cookbook of theirs called The Best Recipe. This is a large, heavy, comprehensive cookbook. Unlike their America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook, the pages are black and white, with hand-drawn diagrams and tightly packed text. Like that other book, they include large article-like discussions of each recipe, giving the cook the background of *why* they consider each recipe to be the best.

I can't help making the comparisons to the Family Cookbook, I guess. There is some overlap between recipes--probably because many recipes & articles were originally published in the Cook's Illustrated magazine. This cookbook has more recipes overall, and is skewed toward fancier foods rather than the "family" ones. Also, it is a bound book and not a binder.

Overall, I love the book, and consult it frequently.

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