Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday Cookbook Series -- Finger Food

Today is a double bonus: a New Thing and a Cookbook. Last weekend, for the first time since beginning my Thursday Cookbook Series, I bought a book specifically to talk about on my blog. That is not to say that I have run out of cookbooks at home. But, I was at Barnes and Noble, and they have such a nice Bargain Books section, and I was just itching to buy something...

I did not yet own a book dedicated to appetizers, and Finger Food looked like a wonderful little candidate. Its not big, as in tall or wide (its about 5x7), but it has around 200 recipes all with full-color photos of appetizers, snacks, and tiny desserts. I was drawn in part to the variety of foods. Many have Asian or Middle Eastern influences--spring roll or wonton varieties, hummus variations, etc.

Unfortunately, I'm a poor reviewer in that I have no had time to actually make any of the recipes from the book. Yet. I should probably have waited to post it until I have had a chance to actually cook from it. I've spent a bit of time drooling over all the lovely photos....On this blog of this caliber, you get what you pay for :)

Upcoming programming note: It has been my intention, for a month or two now, to showcase a few of my old, out-of-print, or local cookbooks. I still intend to work on that. I just need to spend a little quality time with the digital camera and my laptop. Uninterrupted quality time :)

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