Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Channeling June Cleaver

Picture this: a stately (*cough*) blonde, wearing a skirt and lace blouse, high heels, and floral apron, chopping vegetables and otherwise prepping dinner for her family while her young child sat nicely at the kitchen table eating a snack. Sound like June Cleaver? Nope, it was me. Every day in our household is just as picturesque as this one. Really. I swear. Ok, everything was true except the "every day" part.

Not convinced? Here's the real story. I have a tennis match right after work today, so I actually shaved my legs in preparation for going out in public in shorts (well, a tennis skirt over shorts, but same difference). Since my legs were actually shaved, I decided I would wear a skirt to work. I have done this before--once or twice. The "high heels" are actually a pair of dressy sandals, and might have a net of 1" of heel to them. They're cute, but not exactly stillettos or anything. I tried to thaw a chuck roast for Tuesday dinner on Monday, but it was still a block of ice yesterday, so it went into the crock pot this morning (hence the floral apron--I didn't want beef juice on my outfit). Charlotte typically eats a breakfast at home before heading to her second one at school, and was in a mood for granola cereal this morning. She likes it with milk, and actually drinks the milk out of the bowl (just like my husband). Her motor skills are improving nicely, so she accomplished this feat exceedingly neatly this morning, and didn't spill a drop on her new, cute (cheap from Walmart) sunsuit.

Since my husband is picking Charlotte up from daycare today, I dropped her off. That meant that I was attempting to get myself and Charlotte ready, feed her 1st breakfast, make dinner, pack my tennis clothes (some that had to be dried first), pack my lunch and still be out the door early enough to be at work by a reasonable time. I actually accomplished all of that, miraculously without tears or a breakdown from Charlotte, without sticky handprints on my outfit, and without forgetting anything (that I know of). Thank Goodness this isn't what our household looks like every day!

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