Friday, June 09, 2006

Tennis Anyone?

Last night, for the first time since before Charlotte was conceived, I played a game of tennis. I had signed up a month or two ago to play in my company's league, and we were supposed to get started in mid-May. The ladies singles group is divided into two groups--one of about 12 ladies, and one of 4. I was put in the group of 4. Within a day of receiving our schedules, one of the 4 ladies had dropped out. The club "secretary" assured the other 3 of us (after we asked), that he was trying to find another person for our group, but he never followed up on it. So the 3 of us who are left have tried to start setting up matches. I guess we are divided based on ability--the other group thinks they know how to play well, and my group is willing to admit that we don't.

My first match went well, considering how long it's been since I last held a raquet. I lost 6-2 and 6-1, but many of the games were very close. The lady I was playing was the head of my department when I was hired (something like my boss's boss's boss's boss), and it was nice to get to talk to her in an informal setting. She's very friendly and easy-going, and our mutual inconsitency on the courts made for a good matchup. I play the 3rd member of the league next week, and I'm hoping that I won't double-fault quite as many times :)

Today, I am finding the first aches and pains for my efforts. I'm sure by tomorrow I will be feeling pain in muscles that I'd forgotten about. I guess I'm on my way towards one of the fitness goals I'd set for myself earlier in the year. I've been very good at getting a yoga or pilates workout in 4 or 5 nights a week, but haven't done much (any) cardio. I hope I can keep this up the rest of the summer!

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