Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Day 3

Moderate success. Charlotte did not go down to sleep well last night, but it wasn't too far from ordinary. Every time she'd realize that I was leaving the room, she'd get up and run for her door. She actually opened her bedroom door at one point, but I don't think it was shut firmly. After 2 or 3 return visits to snuggle her, tuck her in, and tickle her back, she finally dozed off in her bed. We did open her door later in the evening, once she was down. We're not trying to be cruel by shutting her in or anything, but rather 1) keep the noise level in her room down while she goes to sleep, since she's easily distracted, and 2) emphasize that at bedtime, she stays in her room (if not her bed).

Charlie made it through the night without waking. She woke up this morning about 6:15, as my alarm was going off. We heard her walk to her doorway, and holler for us. My husband grunted something to her, and she padded into our bedroom, and around the side of the bed where I was sleeping. I helped her up and we cuddled a bit before I got up to shower, when she moved over to snuggle with her daddy. In my last post, I mentioned the ottoman that I am intending to make to place at the foot of our bed--once that's done she will probably be able to help herself into our bed. While I'm sure she'll be taking advantage of that for a while, at least it won't require us to actually get out of bed to help her. This could be good :)

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