Friday, June 09, 2006

Family support for my new fitness routine

As I was getting ready for tennis last night, I pulled a can of balls out of the closet to bring with me. Charlotte immediately reached for them, saying "Ball", and tried to get the can open. I had bought a multipack recently, and felt I could be nice and share a couple of them with her to play with.

I pulled the lid off the can and opened them, then went to throw away the pop-top. Charlie threw a fit and didn't want me to get the balls out of the can for her. Fine, I figured, opening the can does make a nice "woosh" sound. So I pulled the lid off the other can, and had her "help" me open it. When I went to throw away the second pop-top, she threw another fit, and pulled it out of my hands. I cringed, thinking of the sharp edges on those things, and watched as she tried valliantly to line the top back up on the top of the can. I tried to explain to her that it was all done, and that you can't put the top back on and do it again. I finally got both tops thrown in the recycle bin ("aluminum recylces" is imprinted in the metal).

When I had my shoes on, I grabbed one can to take with me to my match. And got another tantrum. Apparently, Charlotte thinks that *all* the tennis balls are toys for her to play with. I explained several times on my way out the door that the balls are Mommy's and that she has to share. I don't think it sunk in.

*Sigh* It's a good thing I didn't show her the raquet.

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