Sunday, June 11, 2006

Day Two

I am sitting in our home office, which happens to share a wall with Charlotte's bedroom. Specifically, the wall that her bed is on. As I'm typing, I am hearing mysterious bumps and thumps and the occaisional wail from her room. In other words, it's a typical night. Last night was the same. The odd thing is that Charlotte is now sleeping in a toddler bed.

Yesterday afternoon, my husband and I pulled out the crib parts and instructions, removed the side of the crib, and attached the half-size toddler safety rails. Charlotte helped with the screwdriver (attempting to attach a few bolts herself), checked out the mattress supports, and generally made the project challenging. Come bedtime, we followed the same routine as always (jammies, a couple of books, some snuggle time in the rocking chair, and a return trip or two for extra snuggles as she fell asleep). This morning was the same as every other morning--when she awoke, Charlotte promptly hollered for us to come and get her. Nap time too.

I don't think she's figured out that she can get herself in and out of the crib yet. She should know that she physically is able to (she did it yesterday when we were reassembling it), but she has not attempted it at bedtime or naptime yet. I'm not complaining, mind you, just amused. At daycare, she naps on a cot, and when the kids wake up, the teachers make them wait to be "excused" to hop down off their cots and go play (or snack). I think it keeps the kiddos from jumping down and immediately waking all their classmates. But the habit appears to be keeping Charlotte in her bed at home too.

I'm sure it won't be long before she realizes that she can get herself books and toys (or wreck havoc on her drawers and closet). And if we get brave and open her bedroom door at night, she'll be able to walk in to visit us at night, instead of summoning us with a scream. For now, I guess we'll just be thankful that the change of bed hasn't messed up her night time routine too much.

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