Monday, June 12, 2006

Day 2.5

Charlotte did not sleep quite as well last night in her new bed. My husband got up with her a couple of times, and ended up bringing her to our bed around 2am. And, Charlotte realized that she could get out of bed to yell for us, because she met her daddy by the door in the middle of the night. We are having a couple of unseasonably cool days (high around 75 today, instead of the normal 85-90), so she might have just been cold. She's also cutting like 4 teeth, so her head might be hurting. It might not be the bed, then, but that probably didn't help.

Maybe we should leave her door open after she falls asleep so that she can just wander out and find us, I don't know. I think the real problem with that (besides remembering to shut the office door to keep her out of the computer and my sewing stuff), is that she couldn't get herself into our bed alone anyway. Our bed frame is tall, and our mattress has a 6-inch block of memory foam on top of it, so the whole thing stands higher than her head (she's around 32 inches, so we're talking 36+ inches tall). I have some of the materials to make an ottoman/bench thing to put at the foot of our bed, but I will need some time to cut plywood down to size, and still need batting, trim for the bottom edge, and another set of the plates that the legs screw into. Anyway, that's not going to be complete within a day or two, so at best she can toddle into our room and holler from the floor.

We'll see. We've been warned by others that you get several difficult nights as the kids adjust to a new sleeping arrangement before things settle down. So, please pardon any grumpiness in my posts for the next couple of days as we all adjust to the new bed!

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