Thursday, June 29, 2006

Hoosiers and Hondas

There was an article on the front of the business section in this morning's Post-Dispatch that caught my eye. It was titled Hoosiers and Hondas--an interesting pairing as I grew up in the Hoosier state and have always driven Hondas. Apparently Honda is opening a new factory in a small town in Indiana.

"Hoosier" is not a title I claim often around here. For those of you who live in Indy and are not aware, but "hoosier" is generally a derrogatory term (at least here in St. Louis)--meaning people who are ignorant or trashy. I was surprised and highly amused in college to hear my freshman year roommate calling people Hoosiers. To people who live in Indiana, it's just a word that means you're a person from Indiana (or who roots for IU, typically against Purdue, the big state school rival). It's hard to tell whether the article's title meant to poke any fun at the state of Indiana, or to just catch the eyes of the local readers, but I'm sure it gave a few soda-sipping, toasted-ravioli eating readers a smile this morning.

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