Monday, October 27, 2008

Book List Update

It's been a slow month. Since my last update, I think I've only finished two books:

A Little Bit Guilty by Jenna Mills. This is a short romantic suspense from Harlequin that I picked up (or Trystan did, really) from the sale table at the library for 25c. I wasn't a big fan. The opening chapter was kind of confusing. It was 3rd person POV, starting with the heroine, and it followed her thoughts. I think the author was trying to do a little flashback and a little foreshadowing, but I just got lost. I thought it was a device because she suffers a head injury (with a concussion) early on, but the confusion continued later in the book.

The Third Circle by Amanda Quick. Yes, another Amanda Quick. And another of her Arcane Society books (one of the Regency ones). It was good, much like the rest. And a fast read--finished it 4 days after I picked it up from the New Books shelf at the library.

And now, I really must finish some of the books I have actually purchased (I"m in the middle of 2, and not loving either one).

I haven't been posting non-fiction books that I've read this year. In part, because most of the non-fic stuff is reference that I don't read cover-to-cover. But I'm thinking that I'll do a roundup of everything in that category by the end of December.

General Fiction - 7
Contemporary Romance - 9
Sci Fi/Fantasy - 5
Historical Romance - 6
Women's Lit (Chick Lit) - 3
Total 30 books

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