Friday, October 24, 2008

My Little Pumpkins

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about our tie-dye t-shirt party. I'm finally posting pictures--at least of our kids in their shirts. Charlotte was in charge of her own fabric-painting, as you can clearly see.

We wore our shirts to the pumpkin patch last weekend. The kids had a blast picking out pumpkins, and Trystan flexed his little muscles and actually pushed the wagon full of pumpkins for quite a while.

No, we didn't buy the giant pumpkin. Three large-sized ones is going to be more than enough to carry. There is an outside chance that a few giant-pumpkin seeds snuck home with us, from one of the many smashed pumpkins laying about. But, the chances of us actually convincing one of these monsters to grow is about nill. A single plant would probably take over the entire back yard, if we didn't kill it. Ah, but we can dream...

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