Friday, October 31, 2008

Out of the Frying Pan

The last two weeks have been insane. Utterly. The insanity doesn't end, in my mind at least, until sometime this Sunday evening. No, wait, next Friday. No, November 30th. Aaagh, then it's Christmas season. Yikes.

We have had something going on every night for a while now. Many days, we've been double-booked. Last weekend saw me and Charlotte at a Fancy Nancy Soiree at the local library. If you have a young-reader girl, I highly recommend you check out this series of books. They are adorable and are huge vocabulary builders. I love a little girls' role model who is both stylish and smart :) The photo is of Charlotte and her Fancy Nancy doll, in their fancy dresses (and tiaras) getting ready for the event.

After Fancy Nancy came a Halloween party at a friends' house. Lacking a babysitter (poor planning on our part), we dragged the kids along. They had fun, but 10 is way past their bedtimes, and they both crashed hard when we got home. Sunday we went to a "Day Out with Thomas the Train" with my husband's parents and his sister's family. Again, lots of fun, and lots of exhaustion. We wrapped Sunday night up with a whole-family house-cleaning binge. Both kids did an excellent job of helping (Trystan is a pro with wiping up tables, swiffering floors, and putting new trashbags in cans..whether they need them or not!).

Monday was Charlotte's dance class. Tuesday we carved pumpkins. Again, both kids did a great job of helping. We didn't let Trystan carve (much to his annoyance), but he was a pro at scooping out seeds. Wednesday, my husband plays D&D, and the kids and I stayed home for play time. Thursday I skipped my exercise class to attend a Halloween play at my daughter's preschool. They performed The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything. Char was one of the gloves who went "Clap, Clap".

Today, on my "day off", I snuck in a workout, attempted to package a few things up for shipping (I failed to get them sent), had lunch with my husband, shopped for Halloween candy, cleaned my kitchen and started dinner. I have about 10 more minutes before I leave for daycare to join Trystan's class for their Halloween party, and to bring the kids home for dinner, costumes, Trick or Treating, and passing out candy. And they both need baths.

Tomorrow, Char starts a new session of swimming lessons, and we have another Halloween party to attend.

And, tomorrow is November 1st. For the second year in a row, I have proved myself certifiably insane. It's NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month. I did it last year--writing 50,000 words of a romance novel (that sits, complete, on my laptop at about 80,000 words now). Surprised? Writing has become a nice creative outlet for me, and it requires a lot less space than sewing. And, it gives me an excuse for reading more fiction (its research, I swear...) And a good reason to go to Starbucks on cold autumn days (they have free wifi, and lots of power outlets for battery-challenged laptops). Feel free to follow my progress on my other blog, Skim Decaf Mocha With Whip. Or not :) Last year, the fiction-writing binge didn't really impact my blogging much. If anything, it enlivened it. This year, who knows.

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Amanda said...

My girl was a glove too.