Monday, October 20, 2008


Mommy guilt comes from many sources. This weekend, its from Halloween costumes.

I like to sew. I've been doing it since I was 11 or 12, when I begged for a sewing machine for Christmas (and actually got one!). I have made many, many Halloween costumes over the years, for myself, my younger siblings, my husband. But to date, I've not made a single one for my children. It's not for lack of desire--I have at least 2 patterns for toddler-sized costumes, and have spent time every year surfing the pattern company websites for ideas.

And then reality kicks in and I chicken out. Why spend $30 on materials that I won't have time to sew, and will need to spend another $25-30 buying a premade costume. I fully intended, once again, to make at least Char's costume. We have 2 hand-me down but very nice costumes that will both fit Trystan (a dragon, and Simba), so there was no need to sew something new for him. Char wants to be Tinkerbell this year. And, lo and behold, I have a pattern that includes Tinkerbell, and goes up to a size 4. Perfect.

I intended to take her fabric shopping on Saturday, but she ended up having a small stomach bug. Shop till you puke is not really my preferred method. I siezed upon the excuse to abandon the idea of sewing her costume. Yesterday, we bought her one at Target--from their toy dress-up section and not the costume section. It was the right size (Target's Halloween aisle was clean out of anything in a size 4). Plus, it looked nicer than the costume section version. It will be a lovely addition to her dress-up box after Halloween.

I've not given up the sewing-for-Halloween idea yet (darn that Mommy guilt that won't leave me alone). I'm thinking she needs a trick-or-treat bag. Now, if only Mommy Guilt came with a time-turner...

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