Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Kitchen Organization

Over on Rocks in My Dryer, it's Works For Me Wednesday, the Kitchen edition. She's collecting tips for kitchen organization, and I thought I'd share a couple.

First, I saw the author's own post about her new recipe organization. It sounds very similar to my own, but more complicated! Seriously, she re-typed all of her old recipes in Word..that's way too much work for me (and way too much room for error). And I would lose all the lovely hand-written recipes that I received from one of my bridal showers, including my husband's grandmother's fudge recipe, in her own hand. Hmm...maybe I should post the recipe....or make some :)

I bought a 3-ring binder to store all my recipe cards in. I then found, in an office supply store, plastic sheets meant to store photos--I think I bought 4x6 and 5x7 ones, plus some full-sized plastic sheet protectors. The recipe cards slip into the photo pockets (and you get 2-5 or so per page, depending on size), and are nicely protected from wayward splatters by the clear plastic. No re-typing, re-formatting, etc necessary. As a bonus, the 3-ring binder itself has photo pockets on the cover, so I put my most-used recipe cards (my favorite chocolate chip cookies, my mom's coffee cake, etc) right on the cover. I don't even have to crack the book to cook.

My other tip of the day is as much child-proofing as kitchen organization. Don't put a lock on your kitchen sink cabinet, expecting it to keep kids safe from dangerous chemicals. Pets, maybe, but kids have opposable thumbs. Under our kitchen sink, I store kitchen towels, trash bags, dishwasher soap (we use the individually-wrapped tablet kind), flower vases, etc. All chemicals worse than dish soap are on a high shelf in our laundry room. That way, the only trouble Trystan gets into is pulling out too many kitchen towels.


Kristi said...

So clearly, I'm doing a little time travel on this post. I was intending to schedule it to post on Wednesday, but hit "publish" before "post options", and it showed up on the blog. Changing the date and time *after* publication didn't rescind the post, it just made it look a little ahead of itself. And, of course, if anyone happens to use an rss feed, they they would already have seen the post anyway. Ah well.

On Wednesday, I'll go over to the other site and add my link. In the mean time, I may add another full post, or not. Depends on whether I have an idea and time to type. I wonder, if I post on Tuesday, will Blogger sort it by date or leave Wednesday's first?

Audra Krell said...

I love the name Trystan! Awesome! Yes, I never kept the poison down low,even locked, it just wasn't worth it to me. What if I forgot to lock it? What if they did crack it open? I removed a lot of stress to keep it up high!