Thursday, October 02, 2008


It's about 9pm, and the kids are (mostly) in bed, and I suppose I could work on my whole re-joining of civilization thing by finding out if the VP debate is televised, and by actually watching it. And yet, I'm in our home office in my pj's, surfing--and, I have about 1/4 of a book left to read and it's beginning to call my name. That reminds me, I should post a book list update. Tomorrow.

So, even as I wonder out loud why I have no idea what's going on in the world, I find myself apathetic towards making much effort to find out. Maybe its just politics. The problem isn't that I'm not interested. I almost always vote--always in the major elections, though I don't always bother with the primaries, or with the local ones that are held at odd times of year. I do follow local events--Maryland Heights sends out a newsletter every couple of months that I read cover-to-cover, and I usually catch the weekend Post-Dispatch (I have grown up. I now read more than just the comics and the sale ads).

The problem with a lot of debates and political coverage is that I don't take months to make up my mind about people. My first intuition about someone is usually the one that proves itself true. In just a few words here and there, I get a fairly good impression of what the candidates stand for (in a general sense--no one will ever agree with me 100%, down the line, on every issue), and whether I'm going to retain a favorable impression of them should they be elected. And if I take a lot of time to make a decision, then I end up waffling and stalling and confusing myself and stressing out. Much better to make a decision and stop thinking about it.

What is going on under my little rock right now? My kids are growing and developing. They both got shots today at the doctor's office. Charlotte insisted right up until the first needle penetrated her thigh that she was not having a shot. After lunch, she threw up. I could blame it on a hot car, and too much ice cream at McDonalds (a treat after the doctor visit), but as Trystan puked last weekend and I spent the last 24 hours with my digestive tract on fire, I'm thinking stomach flu.

Charlotte has finally cracked the 30 pound barrier (by a whole half-pound). If she continues to throw up on her carseat, she may find herself with brand-new high-back booster in lieu of another horrendously messy cleanup job on her toddler carseat (really, at some point, it's just not worth it to try and hose the gunk off the straps) Trystan had fallen off his growth curve a bit at the beginning of this year (shortly after his colostomy reversal, which makes sense), but has regained it. He's still barely on the 5% line for height and weight, but he is tracking almost identically to Char at this age, so I think he's fine. Little maybe, but that's genetic :)

My stomach was much better this afternoon (about 36 hours in), so I went ahead to my step aerobics class this evening. I had been taking a "ballet sculpt" class but it got re-scheduled for a different night. Step aerobics is earlier in the evening, but if I can't quite make it after work, then there's always the eliptical machines. It's more challenging than the other class, by a huge amount And probably about time. Except for a brief spell of bike riding right before conceiving Trystan, I haven't done a lot of regular exercise that included cardio since, oh, 2003. Yoga, pilates, walking, and that ballet class don't pump your heartrate, and I'm spotty at best at getting on the equipment at the Y. It feels good.

Its now 9:30, and both kids are quiet. My book is still calling. My stomach's not quite 100%. And my energy has just bottomed out. Time to call it a night!

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