Monday, October 13, 2008


After Trystan's clinginess on Thursday morning, I was not surprised to get a call from our daycare. Annoyed. Disappointed. Frustrated. But not surprised.

I told too many people that I had about 2 hours of "flex" time on Thursday afternoon to myself, and was taking Friday as my day off for the week. Trystan must have heard too. I had a lot of things planned to get finished. Instead, I snuggled with my son for two days.

He ran a 101 degree fever for nearly 24 hours straight, untouched by either ibuprofin or tylenol. He also puked all over me Thursday. Twice. Early Friday morning the fever broke, but he remained grumpy all day.

Friday was supposed to be a day for getting odd jobs done around the house, and making a dent in a large pile of mulch scheduled for delivery. The pile, a 3-cubic yard pile, didn't arrive till nearly 4pm, so I guess I wouldn't have done much mulch moving anyway.

By Saturday, Trystan was much better. All 4 of us went outside to work in the garden. I trimmed back all of our irises while my husband took the first shift of hauling. We got to meet our new next door neighbors, who moved in about a week ago. They have a 3-year old son, who came over and played with Charlotte and Trystan for a while, under my husband's supervision, while I did shift #2 of the mulching. After lunch, I got a shower, put Trystan down for a nap, and then worked on indoor chores (laundry, dishes, floors) while my husband finished up the pile.

Our garden beds all look much nicer now, especially the long one on the side of the house that has never been fully covered before. This is the first year we've had the stuff delivered, instead of buying it in bags. But that side bed alone took 2-3 trunkloads of bags, and we have beds across the front of the house, and several trees that need it. The mulch looks like good, dark composty stuff too.

Overall, the weekend turned out pretty well. The weather was beautiful. I got several things checked off the to-do list. We even had time to go out to dinner with friends, to spend a couple of hours at the park, go to church, and I went shoe shopping. I wish more weekends worked that well.

Of course, I'm exhausted today.

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